If it's not good, it's not the end...

All of us, someday will meet the end. Sooner or later. The end will be the Salvation of our soul. The soul will be set free and the body will be eternaly resting in the heaven's aeons. Believe it or not, growing up is like undercovering our fate. Like getting closer to the final frontier...the end of life. Can't really go wrong with that. The old wretched skin of an elder madman is so disgusting and the tired -and with LOTS OF PROBLEMS- mind of him makes the elder so useless. There is a moment, that you pray for salvation. You beg god to take you with him. That's what everyone feels when this moment is right behind him. So free yourself. Let him free and enjoy every fucking moment of your fucking life. Their time is over, your time is now.

What's wrong in expressing all of my worries in english?
iNeed a little more practice, iKnow.

Άντε και καλή τύχη μάγκες...
Εγώ μια φορά δε μεγαλώνω. Όχι, όχι, πιστεύω όλα τα προηγούμενα. Αλλά πάντα θα νιώθω 16 χρονών. Πάντα θα νιώθω ελεύθερος να κάνω τα πάντα χωρίς να το πολυσκέφτομαι. 
Life's good.
'Till you turn blue...

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